Box Office

CashierTixs is designed for fast, efficient ticket sales at your box office. Improve your customer’s experience through reduced transaction times and integrated real time credit card authorization. The highly intuitive selling screen design makes employee training quick and easy, putting important information such as show lengths, film synopsis’s, and capacity indicators right at your cashier’s fingertips.

Make your customer’s experience convenient and easy with CashierTixs:
  • SelectYourSeat feature allows customers to choose their own seats from a graphical seat map
  • Unlimited support for coupons and discounts
  • Multiple payment types within a transaction
  • Integrate full-feature loyalty and gift card programs into your operation

Sell tickets the way you want:
  • Reserved seating and/or general admission options
  • Unlimited seating plans and maps
  • Full integration with customer surveys and demographic inquiries
  • Choose your own hardware to fit your organization’s requirements and budget
  • Multiple ticket printer and printer sharing options
  • Customize ticket layouts and choose your own ticket stock
  • Customizable permission and access levels based on user profiles
  • Real time access to all customer data and transaction details
  • Outstanding security and auditing features reduce risk and exposure

Titan News

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Coming Soon...

New Backup solutions

We are currently working on a fault tolerant fail over system to provide better durability for disaster recovery.

Cellular Web application

This new ticketing application is browser based and work on all smart phones.

Employee enhancements

We plan to support a better integration with our shift manager and enforce more business rules governed by the organization and or by labor laws.

CRM features

We are now allowing better connectivity with the customer base. The module integrates with our central system for either web users or phone calls.

New reporting.

Reporting will never be easier with the new and innovative report generator. This module will allow creation of new reports instantly.

Manage my Shift

This new module integrates with the Titan employee module. A public web site for the use of the organization employees.

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