From day one, we designed our ticketing solution to suit a broad spectrum of ticketing industries. Extensive research was undertaken to ensure that cross-industry benefits were incorporated into the product.

Until Titan arrived in the market place ticketing products were tailored to specific markets, Titan combined the strengths and benefits from ticketing in different industries to make one strong, versatile and powerful product.

The system is suitable for and has been deployed in a wide variety of ticketing industries

The cinema solution covers all aspects of cinema management.

Box Office, Concession, Combi Box-Concession POS and Kiosk

Web ticketing and call centre sales

Strong central management solution suitable for cinema chains

Cinema Signage software solution

Powerful Stored Value offering

Flexible Promotions tools

Central Event and Film scheduling

Film Settlement

CRM- for central marketing and information
For our cinema clients we provide far more than just a POS system, we provide a total management solution

Performing Arts
The Performing Arts solution is a flexible system that combines traditional ticketing and retail POS alongside specialist features including:

Web sales:  specialist handling for high volume sales and waiting lists

Unique and flexible seat selection offering for web sales

Handling of facilities booking

Donation module – see Non Profit solution below

Group Sales, Bulk Ticketing and Couponing – coming soon
Non Profit Organizations, Charities or Specialist Events
Titan offers a valuable module for organizations or events requiring donation and subscription management.

Handles donations


Mail-outs and targeted news

This module runs as a powerful addition to our Stored Value solution and is specially tailored to handle the unique requirements of this market

We have developed specialist features to handle museums’ unique requirements in addition to our standard offering:

Ticketing and Retail POS

Group sales

Web Sales

Site management tools

Promotions and CRM

Event, Space and Room management

Annual membership and subscription renewal management

Amusement Parks & Zoos

Alongside our standard Ticketing and Retail offering, we provide specialist function support including

Access Control including turnstiles

Ticket packages, day passes and other combination tickets with web sales support

Park Events, Spectaculars and timed Show management with web sales support

Rentals management

Vi Sport Venues

Our newly implemented sports venue solution includes in addition to our standard ticketing, retail and web offerings:

Full integration with advanced access control sub systems, turn- stiles and biometric recognition.

Subscription-membership management


Ticket Agencies

We have a specialist module for handling sales by ticket agencies

Allows for the creation of fully integrated portal for shows and events

Tickets can be sold for Internal (sole agent), events and external events as well as on an allocation basis.

Special portal for promoters/distributors to put events on line for sale


Ticketing outside the main venue: secondary markets

Our system addresses easily and efficiently ticket selling in secondary markets and last minute sales. We have recently added a new KIOSK solution for remote sales.

Remote ticket selling including by kiosk

Last minute ticket selling on web or from other sales channels

Titan News

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Coming Soon...

New Backup solutions

We are currently working on a fault tolerant fail over system to provide better durability for disaster recovery.

Cellular Web application

This new ticketing application is browser based and work on all smart phones.

Employee enhancements

We plan to support a better integration with our shift manager and enforce more business rules governed by the organization and or by labor laws.

CRM features

We are now allowing better connectivity with the customer base. The module integrates with our central system for either web users or phone calls.

New reporting.

Reporting will never be easier with the new and innovative report generator. This module will allow creation of new reports instantly.

Manage my Shift

This new module integrates with the Titan employee module. A public web site for the use of the organization employees.

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